ICF Approved CCE Course Offerings


An Advanced Course CCE Series providing 52 CCE Hours in Core Competencies

Coaching leaders at the highest level of an organization requires a skill set and coaching acumen that is developed through learning and practice. This training will be fast paced with a high degree of participation and application and offers the needed instruction and skills application in three critical areas of leadership.


Discounted Cost if You Sign Up for All Three Courses:  $1820

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Coaching Leadership through Courageous Conversations

Includes:   12 CCE hours related to Coaching Core Competencies and ACSTH Advanced Training
(8 hours live training, 4 hours class pre-work)

Course Description:  Leading through conflict and change requires the leader’s ability to hold difficult conversation well. In the first segment, participants will learn key skills to help develop a client’s ability to engage in difficult conversations, increase self-awareness around one’s response to conflict, engage with confidence and grace persons with whom they disagree, and creating space for one’s own voice. Participants will be able to help their clients vision a positive outcome to conflict and improve confidence and skill.

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Karin Walker

Schedule:  September 27, October 4, 11, 18, 2017 – all classes 10am-12:00pm (Eastern)

Cost: $480

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Mastering the Core Competencies in Coaching Demonstrations

Includes: 12 CCE hours related to Coaching Core Competencies and ACSTH Advanced Training
(8 hours live training, 4 hours class pre-work)

Participants will dive deeply into each of the core competencies of coaching while applying them to a series of observed coaching sessions. Using recorded demonstration by professional and master level coaches, we will evaluate the degree to which the core competencies are manifest using a coaching competency matrix. Additionally, we will be applying this matrix to our own coaching of one another.

Instructor: Rev. Chris Holmes

Schedule:  November 1, 8, 15, 28, 2017 – all classes 10am-12:00pm (Eastern)

Cost: $480

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Coaching Leaders’ Strategic Intelligence

Includes:   28 CCE hours related to Coaching Core Competencies and ACSTH Advanced Training
(14 hours live training, 14 hours class pre-work)

Course Description: This segment focuses on coaching leaders for greater Strategic Intelligence, a conceptual system developed by world renowned leadership coach Dr. Michael Maccoby. Participant coaches will also develop a greater attention to and awareness of clients’ systems thinking, context, and purpose in their coaching. Participating coaches will complete pre-session exercises to develop their thinking and questioning about each part of their Strategic Intelligence (leadership philosophy, foresight, visioning, partnering, engagement, and motivational skills). During the online session each participant will coach others and be coached on the pre-session exercises they completed to clarify, deepen, and expand their understanding of each concept, with the goal of putting that skill into action. The exercises and coaching will be debriefed with attention to how each part of strategic intelligence interacts with other parts, and how the whole system of thinking supports their strategic purpose in their particular context.

Instructor: Dr. George “Skip” Casey

Schedule:  January 10, 17, 24, 31, February 7, 14, 21, 2018 – all classes 10am-12:00pm (Eastern)

Cost: $1120

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