Shift Happens


Shift Happens

Leadership Institute

Developing and Growing Effective Leadership



Increasing leadership capacity is critical for the realization of a Conference or District vision. The purpose of the Shift Happens Leadership Institute is to develop District-wide or Conference-wide leadership among clergy who are committed to congregational transformation. Clergy persons from 10-12 selected congregations spend nine months in an intentional process of leader development, peer learning, and coaching.

Topics Covered:

  • How to develop your adaptive and spiritual leadership.
  • What needs to be honored, and what needs to be disrupted for the sake of the Kingdom?
  • What one change would increase the vitality of your worship?
  • Why leaders should be starting new small groups continuously.
  • The power of setting SMART goals for ministry.
  • Best practices for connecting with the mission field around you.
  • Tools for developing lay leadership.
  • How to utilize the “coach approach” in ministry.

Participants Receive:

  • Teaching Videos and Worksheets –monthly, around crucial ministry themes
  • Peer Group Learning Calls –monthly, 90 minutes each
  • Individual Coaching calls to establish SMART goals for ministry — eight 60-minute calls
  • Thought Provoking Email -weekly
  • Certificate of Leadership Development upon completion of the training

Schedule and Cost 

Shift Happens Leadership Groups begin each year and run for nine months.

The cost for 9 months of training, coaching, and peer learning is $1600 per participant. This investment is sometimes shared between the participating pastors and the District or Conference.

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