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What Others Are Saying…

“This program will help any pastor in their dealings with staff and committee persons”

“This is a must for leaders who desire to train leaders”

“Take this training” “Do it!!”

“It helped frame and categorize tools I already use, and added others I don’t necessarily think to use.”

“It was fun and informative.”

“The practical application of skills and the immediate feedback was super!”

“This training helped me to see how to start using the coach approach in my church.”

“This is one of the best trainings I have had through the United Methodist Church. I am all fired up…”

“This training helps you to look at yourself and your approach to ministry in a way that helps you to grow.”

“What was most helpful was the openness and genuineness of the presenters.”

“Take this course. Take it yesterday. And let go and trust the Holy Spirit as your partner to bring this skill to the church.”

“The skills are presented in a readily applicable format with lots of practice time and feedback.”

“This is something I can take back to the church and use immediately. It helped me develop my leadership style.”

“Provided the foundational skills needed to allow me to be much more comfortable as a coach.”

“Take this training…it will transform you!”

“The material presented is incredibly applicable…not role playing, but using actual situations I am facing.”

“If you’ve got the money in your CEU account…go for it!”