George Casey, ACC

Casey_HCGA“What do you want? Coaches often start by asking prospective clients to clearly state what they want to achieve by working with a coach.  Coaching helps the coachee to move towards that goal, that purpose. However, people are often not clear about what they want because much of their attention has focused on what the market wants, what others want from them, or what others have defined as success for them.  Too little attention may have been given to thinking about, “What do I want?” What does my enlightened self-interest of “loving self as well as neighbor” look like?  When one decides to focus living a life of enlightened self-interest, a coach can be an invaluable ally.”

Dr. George Casey began coaching and teaching coaching in 1986, and holds an ICF ACC Certification.  He has led human resource departments as a manager and executive in a variety of settings, which include retail, financial, state government, higher education, non-profit, and religious organizations.

George has co-facilitated and mentored scores of coaches through the Coach Approach Skill Training.  He has made significant contributions to the CAST III Group Coaching curriculum, and is an accomplished coach in the areas of leadership, group coaching, and strategic intelligence.

He is a graduate of The George Washington University and The Union Institute and University; degrees include a BA in Education and an MA in Community Counseling.  His Ph.D. in Applied Anthropology and Human Organization was supervised by international executive coach, psychologist, and anthropologist, Dr. Michael Maccoby.  His training, coaching, consulting clients and speaking engagements include:

Atlanta United Methodist Conference * Board of Ordained Ministry, Mississippi UM Conference * Boston College * Chesapeake Human Resources Association * DANYA International * Denver United Methodist Conference * Georgetown University * Greater New Jersey United Methodist Conference * Maryland Transit Administration * National AJCU-HR Conference * National CUPA-HR Conference *PIHRA (Ca. SHRM) Conference * The Transportation Assoc. of Maryland * Towson State University * United Methodist Church Global Ministries * Upper NY United Methodist Conference *U.S. Coast Guard * Worcester Polytechnic Institute


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Leading Change with Strategic Intelligence Individual Coaching Program — this program includes 8 two hour sessions of content rich coaching.  These sessions are conducted by telephone.  Register Here or email George for details.

Coaching Groups — 8 to 16 Participants (7 hour in person session)  Register Here or email George for details.


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George Casey